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We are professional manufacturer of high-quality glass vials. We offer a comprehensive range of vials with high-quality

Tubular Glass Vials

STC represents Shanxi Hongjin Medical Glass Co., Ltd in Pakistan. We are professional tubular glass vials manufacturers, specialized in providing the best customized service. Product range include high quality tubular glass vials. Our pharmaceutical glass bottle, sodium calcium moulded vial, amber empty essential oil perfume bottles are expected to become classics with impeccable excellent quality, industry-leading research and development technology, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, and fashion cutting-edge art design.


Tubular glass Vials

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Product Features

The brown reagent bottle is resistant to chemical attack and heat shock. The unique design of tipping ring at the bottle mouth of brown reagent bottle in our company can avoid the occurrence of dripping during use

According to ISO 3585 and 4796; water resistance to ISO 719 (class I) Schott Duran to USP EP class I glass; acid resistance to DIN 12 116 (class I); alkali resistance to ISO 695 class II)

It has good hot stamping performance, ideal capacity for holding high temperature substances, and can be used for high temperature sterilization. It is suitable for microwave oven, any laboratory, and chemical corrosive or ordinary reagents.

In order to ensure that the stability and reliability of the products reach high standards, strict quality management, uniform wall thickness standard, accurate and consistent glass composition, accurate size and strictly controlled tolerance, and good stability are implanted in the production.

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